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    Motorist Tries To Flee Hit and Run Incident By Driving Across Pavement


    A white van collided with the car of Trey Ford and whilst he trying to flag down the perpetrator, the van swerved onto the sidewalk leaving a trail of destruction.

    On the roads of Jacksonville, Florida, Trey was following the large van that had rear-ended his car but just before contacting the police, Trey was looking to gather vehicle details.

    But whilst noting the license plate, the white van was cut off by another vehicle that had made earlier contact with the van and in trying to avoid both angered motorists, the van veered off onto the pavement.

    The van had ladders strapped to the roof and when it drove on the sidewalk, the ladder was caught by a lamp post and flew off causing potential injury.

    The rest of the video takes place in a nearby car park where the the driver of the white van fled from the scene on foot and the other motorist involved explains their point of view to the police as they look over the damage that had been caused.

    Trey said: "After being rear ended on the I-95 North exit for Edgewood Ave in Jacksonville, the driver of a utility van tried to pull away from the scene.

    "As we approached  traffic the driver was cut off by another driver, who I found out later he had hit moments earlier and was also trying to flee from them, and the driver of the van tried to cut through a parking lot until getting stuck, jumping out of the van, and fleeing on foot.

    "When the police arrived they found cocaine on the ground and that the car was registered to a woman, the driver was a man.

    "Not sure if they ever caught him, he ran through a Taco Bell line and escaped into a neighbourhood."


    Date posted: 23/11/22 Credit: ARK Media
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