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    Mother Surprises Daughter With Teddy Identical To Her Childhood Toy After Searching 11 Years For It


    A mother spent 11 years searching for a replica teddy to her daughter’s childhood toy and once she found it, she decided to surprise her with it. 

    Elaine Nunn, 47, was at home in Sebastian, Florida, when she decided to surprise her daughter with a present. 

    When her daughter was younger, she had a favourite teddy which she unfortunately lost 11 years ago and since then, Elaine has been trying to find a replacement. 

    She found a replica one on Ebay and brought it to surprise her daughter and the excitement can be seen on her face as she rips open the package. 

    When she sees what's inside, her eyes fling open as she exclaims ‘you didn’t!’ before running round to hug her mum with the new teddy. 

    Elaine said: “As a surprise, I have been searching for a precious moments bunny for my daughter because it is something she had when she was a small child and the bunny got lost 11 years ago.

    “So after I found one online, I purchased the bunny on eBay, after spending 11 years looking for it and it made her day, that’s really all that matters.”


    Date posted: 27/01/23 Credit: ARK Media
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