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    Moose Gets Caught In The Headlights And Runs Into Motorists Windscreen


    This runaway moose was running around in a snowstorm before galloping straight into a stationary car.

    The incredible footage was captured by Martin Kvaal at the Valdres high school in Norway, as he sat in the driver's seat when he noticed the Elk trotting around in a blizzard on January 17.

    The seemingly harmless critter then turned and began running towards the car before it leapt in the air and bounced off the windscreen.

    The moose fell to the floor and managed to brush itself off and walked away after an almighty bash.

    Some damage was caused to the vehicle with a cracked windscreen and broken wing mirror but no harm came to Martin or the moose.

    Martin said: "I started filming because the elk was running around the workshop at Valdres high school and I wanted to share it.

    "I thought at first that the elk just wanted to run past the car because it wanted to get away from people.

    "I never thought it would jump straight at a stationary car.

    "The damage to the car was the mirror on the left hand driver's side was broken, cracked glass, loose bumper, damaged grill, bent fasteners for additional lights."


    Date posted: 18/01/23 Credit: @gubben_paa_torten via ARK Media
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