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    Meet The UK’s First Deafblind Medical Student


    This is the UK's first deafblind medical student.

    Alexandra Adams, 28, from South Wales has congenital deafblindness, EDS, MCAS, PoTS, and some respiratory conditions which have worsened since COVID.

    Just as Alexandra was on her way to becoming a doctor her dreams were halted after her conditions got worse and she ended up in hospital for 17-months.

    However, this didn't stop her from believing in her dreams and after two and a half years, she has started up her training again and is the UK's first deafblind medical student.

    Alexandra has received a lot of support for her decision to go back to medical school but she also had a lot of questions from people asking how she can with her disability, so she decided to start a TikTok series to answer those questions.

    In the series she starts to debunk some of the myths, including how she uses a bluetooth stethoscope that connects to her hearing aids.

    Alexandra said: "After sharing the news of my recent return to medical school, after a 17-month hospital stay, I started receiving lots of questions on how I can possibly become a doctor as a deafblind person.

    "I have begun a series of TikTok videos to help break down the myths and misconceptions of being a deafblind person training to be a doctor, in the hope that by educating and advocating I can help others, and challenge the many incorrect perceptions surrounding disability in society."


    Date posted: 17/05/22 Credit: ARK Media
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