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    McDonald’s Refuses To Give Man A Cheese Slice


    Louis wright, 25, musician, Shropshire went through a McDonald's drive through on the 19th September 2022 in Poole. Louis can be heard ordering a Mcplant without the vegan cheese and instead would like a normal slice on cheese on the vegan sandwich. The staff refused to do this as they worry that he will claim McDonald's gave him normal cheese on a vegan meal, which could result in them losing their jobs. As a way around this Louis asked if he could order a separate cheeseburger meal with the bun, meat and toppings removed only receiving the slice of cheese, the staff also refuse to do this.

    Louis then goes on to point out that they still served him cheese bites. The video which was posted to TikTok received 3.4 Million views, many of the viewers commented their confusion on why the staff couldn't just serve the cheese.


    Date posted: 20/09/22 Credit: ARK Media
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