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    Mastiff refuses to move so owner finds fallen baby bird



    Julia Zuckerman "was walking my 2 year old Mastiff named Norm, when he surprised me on our walk by suddenly laying down in the bushes. He refused to move until I came closer to see what the problem was. I realized he had found a baby bird who had fallen from its nest."

    "My dog is a gentle giant, and never got too close to the bird. He simply wanted to let me know he found a baby animal who might need help. Luckily, the bird was old enough to survive on its own, and I did not touch the bird, as most wildlife rehab experts would recommend."

    "This video is heartwarming, as I might have stepped on the bird if my dog had not alerted me to its presence. We checked back later and discovered the baby bird was no longer there. It most likely flew to higher grounds, we are pleased that we were able to observe wildlife without interrupting its natural cycle."

    Date posted: 31/08/21 Credit: ARK Media
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