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    Man Tired Of Working Out Gets Realistic Six-Pack Tattooed


    The ultimate trick of the eye, see this man get a ripped six-pack tattooed onto his abdomen with outstanding results.

    Tattoo artist Dean Gunther was approached by his client to take on the huge piece and successfully created the illusion on his stomach.

    Over the course of two days, Dean tattooed the design onto his belly taking eight hours in total to complete the piece.

    Dean said: "He was in a lot of pain and nearly quit one hour in on the first day but I managed to talk him through the whole process.

    "Once it was finished, he was really relieved and shocked by how real it looked.

    "We all had a good laugh and I've seen a recent picture of him at a gig with his top off drinking beer, so people must love the tattoo and many recognise him now since it went viral!"


    Date posted: 22/06/22 Credit: ARK Media