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    Man Shocked At Finding Razor In Young Brothers Halloween Candy


    This man was shocked when he found a razor in his younger brother's Halloween candy. 

    Artur Badalian, 27, was at home on October 19, when his brother brought home a bag of candy from school. 

    Wanting to be sure the sweets were safe, Artur cut into them to check for anything dangerous and was shocked to find a razor hidden in a Reeses piece. 

    He captured the moment on camera in a video which has since gone viral online with over 23 million views. 

    Artur said: “My brother got his bag of candies at school and I found a razor in one candy bar, so I decided to cut all of the candies and after crushing some found that blade in a Reese’s piece.

    “After the recording I threw everything in the trash. I couldn’t believe my eyes, all I could think was that’s shocking.

    “Most people were shocked and grateful that I was spreading awareness but some people couldn’t believe that this could actually happen.”

    ARK Media have reached out to The Hershey company for a comment. 


    Date posted: 02/11/22 Credit: ARK Media
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