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    Man Rescues Rare Marsh Snake From Cupboard Before Releasing It Into Wild


    This snake catcher was shocked to find a rare species in a cupboard, during a rescue from an aged care facility. 

    Stuart McKenzie of Sunshine Coast snake catchers, was in Coolum Beach on February 6, when he got a call about a snake in a building that the workers had managed to lock in a cupboard. 

    When Stuart arrived at the building, he was led to the cupboard where he could begin looking for the lost reptile. 

    However, he was shocked to find that when he moved a box, the snake in question was a rare venomous species called a marsh snake. 

    He revealed how it’s rare to see these types of snakes, as he can be seen marvelling at the creature before eventually setting it into the net to release it back into the wild. 

    Stuart said: “I was called to a rare snake that was found inside a cupboard in the hallway of an aged care facility.

    “I was excited to see it was a marsh snake, however I didn't want it to disappear so I had to act fast.

    “People have enjoyed the video due to it being a snake we don't see that often.”

    Date posted: 17/02/23 Credit: ARK Media
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