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    Man Rescues Greedy Bird After It Gets Stuck In Feeder


    A man helped to rescue a greedy bird from his garden feeder after it fell in head first.

    Semi-retired Gavin Parker, 58, from Ayrshire, Scotland, was at home on May 7 when he noticed the trapped bird in his feeder.

    As he went outside, Gavin noticed the poor animal was stuck upside down and couldn't move, so went out his way to try and help.

    He grabbed the feeder from the holder and started to shake it at the ground to try and shove the bird out, but it wouldn't move.

    Finally, after a couple of minutes, the bird managed to break free from the holder before flying away.

    Gavin said, "The bird was reaching into my bird feeder when suddenly it completely fell into it head first and became trapped until I rescued it.

    "At first I couldn’t believe what I was watching and I was wondering how I would get the bird free.

    "People on Facebook couldn’t believe what had happened either but were pleased to see the bird released without harm.

    "It’s not every day you come across a bird trapped head first in a bird feeder."


    Date posted: 11/05/22 Credit: ARK Media
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