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    Man Is Racially Profiled While Trying To Cash His Pay Check!


    Ron Escobar, 51, is a business owner from California, USA.

    "In this case, one of my employees was profiled at Bank Of America and not allowed to cash his check ... the Operations Supervisor made a mistake and then her manager double down in the error. Instead of correcting it and apologizing, they double down and produced a not-credible stupid lie to justify their racial profiling" said Ron.

    "I was there looking at the checks that I wrote, and this guy told me they did not match... but they were all written by my and signed by me.. and they all had my identical and consistent handwriting ... he kept a straight face as he justified his profiling ... I think Bank Of America has some fine employees, and I know many African American people who hold high corporate positions in the organization" said Ron.

    "They contribute to small businesses and non-profit groups in all communities... but we can all do better... we must never stop improving and learning... the front line should learn not to judge a book by its cover... and not to call the police on important clients... and that hard working men should be able to cash their paycheck without prejudice" said Ron.

    "At the end, they manager blocked my access to the ATM and somehow it showed that I had exceeded my withdrawal limit... when I did no withdraw anything on that day... so it is now 4th of July and Calvin still does not have the money he earned working, so he can spend it with his family. Shame on Christopher B Gomez and Bank of America in this case. I think we should call them on it, and continue to evolve into a better country and world for this and next generations!" said Ron.

    Date posted: 14/09/21 Credit: ARK Media
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