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    Man Breaks His Own Garden Fence To Free Trapped Fox


    Gavin Kelly, 33, found a female fox twisted under his garden fence and his only option was to hack away at the fence until she could untangle her legs.

    In Dagenham, England, on 16 September, Gavin saw a set of paws poking out through a gap in his garden fence.

    He noticed an unfortunate garden critter had become jammed in the fence post and needed assistance to be set free.

    Fortunately the obstruction was able to pried open with some adjustments made with a hammer and the fox was freed.

    Later that same night, Gavin prepared some food and the fox was around to accept the gift after what must've been a stressful experience.

    Gavin said: "We assumed it was sleeping after a while it had pooped itself so we were thinking it may be dead so we looked over and the fox was bent in half and completely stuck so to help her out, the only choice was to remove the whole bottom of the fence.

    "The screw heads were worn down so the only option left was to hammer it out and it was noisy and scary for the fox who peed herself but in the end she got out and wandered off like nothing happened and came for dinner later that night like nothing happened."


    Date posted: 14/11/22 Credit: ARK Media
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