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    Male ‘Karen’ Confronts Latino Horse Riders At Los Angles Observatory


    A group travelled to the Griffith Observatory in Hollywood, which upset a certain tourist who confronted them about the welfare of the animals.

    Dani Lindeman was one of the riders who captured some of the confrontation, as a disgruntled man argued and accused those riding the horses about there being too many people by the animals on March 5th.

    Shouting came from the man who accused that the riders were putting the wellbeing of the horses at risk, which escalated into a larger accusation about race according to Dani, due to the riders being of latino descent.

    Dani said: "I was scared he was going to hurt someone/hurt himself and I was also worried about his safety and the horse’s safety.

    "People were blown away, they can’t believe what he’s said and done."


    Date posted: 07/03/23 Credit: ARK Media
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