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    Male Barn Owl Gifts His Partner A Rabbit For Her To Swallow Whole


    A hungry female barn owl gulped back a sizeable rabbit brought to her by her loving mate in Everglades, Florida, on 20 September.

    Lead researcher Dr Motti Charter, who monitors the nest cams from Haifa, Israel, said that the female is incubating four eggs and the male has been looking after her.

    The nest boxes were added in Florida so that the owls will eat the pests, rabbits and rats, negating the need for pesticides and this couple definitely got the memo.

    Dr Motti said: "The rabbit number has increased and this causes a lot of damage to agriculture.

    "Here, you can see how the owls help the farmers and the environment, because less deadly pesticides will be added."


    Date posted: 20/09/22 Credit: Charter Group Birdcams via ARK Media
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