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    Makeup Artist Spends Seven Days Creating Demogorgon Look And Transforms Into Stranger Things Characters


    Wyntir Rose, a talented 28-year-old makeup artist from the UK, has recreated the iconic look of the monster Vecna that haunts the school children of Hawkins, Indiana, in the eagerly anticipated Stranger Things Season Four.

    Her terrifying makeup look took a full week to construct but she didn't stop there.

    Wyntir used liquid latex and fake blood to recreate a Demogorgon and Barb, who both appeared in earlier seasons.

    Vecna had humble beginnings as the human Henry Creel, before lurking in the Upside Down and infiltrating people's minds.

    Wyntir said: "I was so happy with how the makeup turned out, because it took me so long to make.

    "Everyone has been really nice and supportive, and complimented the makeup."


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