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    Maasai Mia: African Tribesmen Try Pizza For The First Time With Intriguing Results


    This African tribe, known as @maasaiboys on social media filmed themselves trying pizza for the first time and their reactions are hilarious.

    The fun video filmed in Zanzibar, Tanzania by one of the tribesmen, Arman Alamdar shows the tribe picking up the whole pizza and taking a bite before being shown how to cut a slice and eat that instead.

    The tribe tried two different pizzas including pepperoni and ham and pineapple. Controversially the group loved the pineapple pizza.

    Throughout the video, the group looks unsure of the cheese pull before stuffing it all into their mouths and making good food noises.

    Arman said: “This was actually the first time we tried it and we had no clue how to eat and cut it and a lot of people found that funny.

    “Most time of the year we live in our village deep in the bush, hours away from the next bigger city.” he continued.

    Arman explained why they are getting into social media: “We are the Maasai from Tanzania and we are starting this social media project with the hopes of creating a sustainable income for our community and giving thousands of people here access to basic human needs: water, food and education.”

    The main people you see in the video are Kanaya, 38, who is the son of a Maasai chief and Simba, his uncle who is 10 years younger.

    In the video, Kanaya and Simba compare the pizza to cow blood which is a staple in their usual diet.

    “We actually enjoyed the Pizza quite well and comparing it to cow blood is actually a compliment. Cow blood is an important part of our diet and is like an energy drink for us”


    Date posted: 29/04/22 Credit: @maasaiboys VIA ARK MEDIA
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