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    Lads Play Pool Game Where Landing On Money Wins The Jackpot


    These lads decided to play a pool game where landing on a £20 note, wins the whole jackpot. 

    During pre-drinks with friends at a UK pub, Panayiotis Artemiou, 28, decided to capture their unique pool game with a betting twist. 

    Placing five £20 notes on the table, the players need to hit two cushions with the white ball before it eventually lands on a note, to win the jackpot. 

    Multiple lads attempted the challenge with varying results before eventually, one lad achieved this and as the ball landed on the note, they all began celebrating. 

    Panayiotis said: “You have to hit a minimum 2 cushions with the white ball and if it lands on a £20 note you win everything

    “It was a fun game and we thought we would capture the moment. 

    “People are saying that it looks easy and we must be really bad at pool but it’s harder than it looks!” 


    Date posted: 05/01/23 Credit: @pannyotis via ARK Media
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