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    Lad Finds Huge Centipede In Hostel Room In Vietnam


    As a lad was about to go to bed in his hostel, he was shocked to find a huge centipede crawling on the wall in his room. 

    23-year-old Norwegian student Jørgen Horven Johannessen, was on holiday in Mui Ne, Vietnam, when he came across the huge insect in his room. 

    As he and his friend were getting ready for bed, the duo noticed the centipede crawling on the straw walls in their hostel room. 

    Jørgen’s friend went to inform the hostel staff about the bug as he captured the creepy crawly on camera. 

    He later revealed that a local had allegedly ate the bug whilst it was still alive. 

    Jørgen posted the video online where it has since amassed over four million views. 

    Jørgen said: “I am filming a giant centipede, which is likely a Scolopendra subspinipes, that we discovered crawling in the straw walls of our hostel room.

    “I felt excited about spotting the giant centipede but also a little scared since I have never seen anything like it.

    “One crazy dude ate it alive.”

    Date posted: 17/03/23 Credit: @johannessenj_ via ARK Media
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