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    Lad Discovers Squirrel That Got Trapped In His Toilet But Helps Them Escape


    Mark Thorburn was in for a fright when he went to the toilet, as he found a squirrel trying to escape the bowl.

    The squirrel must have sneaked into the Glaswegian house and inadvertently gotten trapped in the lavatory on September 12th.

    Mark's initial reaction was to call the RSPCA, who advised the most humane thing that they could offer was to kill the critter.

    But not willing to give up on the squirrel, Mark improvised a ladder with a wooden pole and the rodent was able clamber out.

    Mark and his housemates were able to guide the squirrel out the front door and back into the wild.

    Mark said: "I discovered a squirrel in my toilet and was not sure what to do. We phoned the RSPCA who told us they would have to kill it.

    "So we raced against time to get the squirrel out the house.

    "The reactions have been crazy. Everyone finds it hilarious for a different reason. People have also been shocked and some have developed a new fear.

    "The squirrel has visited us twice since."


    Date posted: 23/09/22 Credit: ARK Media
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