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    Jackpot! Priceless Moment Parents Reveal One Million Dollar Win to Family


    Merrill and Nancy Curlew won one million dollars on the lottery and were able to capture their children's hilarious reaction to the life-changing news.

    At their home in Oromocto, New Brunswick, Canada just one day after confirming their winnings with the Atlantic Lottery Corporation on June 12th, 2021, Nancy gathered her grown-up kids around in the kitchen.

    What was advertised as unveiling new house plans turned out to be the winning ticket hidden in an envelope to surprise their two daughters, their son along with their respective partners.

    With Merrill behind the camera waiting for the news to be uncovered, Nancy proceeded to present the family with the ticket.

    They each inspected it before the penny dropped in more ways than one and the looks of disbelief and amazement fells on all their faces.

    The realisation hit that many of the children's financial troubles would be solved like student loans, car payments, pregnancy and newborn costs that would be paid for as they screamed and hugged Nancy still in shock.

    Merrill said: "The best part was the expressions on our kids faces and having the financial ability to help them out financially."

    The couple are not regular players of the lottery but this $70million grand prize was more than worth the $17 ticket it cost the Curlew's

    The first thing that the new millionaires spent their winnings on was a Ford F-150 truck and then invested in a new home they were looking to move out of anyway.

    And as they are retired, they used the money on some finer luxuries as well as helping their beloved family.

    Merrill continued: "We used the money to pay off our kids student loans, car payments and other debts that they had accumulated due to the pandemic.

    "We then upgraded what we could afford on a new home that we couldn’t think about prior to the win as our home at the time was already sold before we won."


    Date posted: 28/01/22 Credit: ARK Media
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