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    Incredible Dancer Showcases Her Athletic Moves Underwater


    Kristina Makushenko, 26 has pioneered a technique that she calls 'artistic swimming'.

    Incredible video shows the insane feats of athleticism as she is seen walking upside down on the waters surface, rollerblading, ribbon dancing and even performing a burlesque routine; all while totally submerged.

    The 4 time World Champion in synchronised swimming has been honing her craft for years after being somewhat inspired by a worn pair of boots.

    Rather than throwing them away the content creator decided to try and dance with them underwater and the rest was history.

    After falling in love with the craft Kristina now combines all different kinds of artistic styles including rhythmic gymnastics, dancing, acrobatics, lip syncing and much more.

    Kristina from Miami, Florida said:

    "I feel at home in the underwater world. I don’t feel anywhere better then while I'm making my videos underwater 

    "Everyone keeps saying they don’t understand how can I dance underwater but the techniques are the same as regular dances on land.

    "I want to show people that they should do what they love and not listen to anyone else.

    "At the beginning I had low engagement and thought why do I do this, it’s just waste of my time. But look where I’m at now."


    Lewis And Dekalb by Kevin MacLeod

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    Date posted: 20/04/22 Credit: Kristina Makushenko Via Ark Media
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