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    Im-Peck-Able Performing Chickens Go Viral Playing The Bongos


    Reaching nearly four million views on TikTok, M Lambert's troop of chickens are going viral for their intuitive drumming skills.

    28-year-old artist M from Nottingham, poured chicken feed onto some bongo drums to encourage Babs and Amelia, one-year-old Buff Orpington chickens, to create a beat.

    The crescendo-ing chicks really took to the drums and have kept M entertained through long days drawing from home.

    M said: "Because I work from home and draw outside, they’re particularly fun to have to follow you around all day."

    This breed of chicken is known for being sweet and docile, so they make good pets and even better musicians.

    They continued: "I’ve always had some form of chicken throughout my life primarily as pets, plus free eggs, but it took nearly two years to get these ones because covid completely destroyed the chicken economy."

    The four chickens, Amelia, Anna, Amber and Babs are such great company for M, that they have earned themselves a merchandising deal through their owner.

    M stocks chicken-related merchandise featuring the gang alongside their artwork on their online shop.


    Be Jammin' by Alexander Nakarada
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