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    Hoodlums Jack Car on Drive and Hack Catalytic Convertor From Vehicle


    A catalytic convertor was removed by two masked men from the drive of a resident's home whilst another held the front door closed in a shocking video.

    On the evening of November 22nd, Rajesh Metkar was alerted to three men jacking up his Toyota Prius and then remove the catalytic convertor whilst it parked on the driveway of his home in Sutton, south London.

    Doorbell camera footage from Rajesh's house shows the men empty out of a black car and approach the Prius, then made swift work with lifting the vehicle whilst another man held the front to deter any efforts of stopping them.

    The catalytic convertor is a valuable scrap metal part and was removed from the car as but as Rajesh tried to confront the men attempting to steal it, he was met with a threat of a metal bar as the front door was held shut.

    In the space of three minutes, the part was successfully removed and the thieves fled the area in the vehicle they had arrived in.

    Despite having a Toyota provided Catloc, the item was still removed without much resistance and the culprits have not been apprehended according to Rajesh.

    Rajesh said: "They were 100% successful despite of all noise, look in their eyes they are not afraid if anything.

    "One of then heard me I am calling neighbours, they knew we were on phone with police.

    "The family couldn't sleep for a week, every noise will wake us up.

    "My two teenage boys were holding their cricket bats in hand just in case, as we were not sure in panic if low life are breaking in."


    Date posted: 02/12/21 Credit: ARK Media
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