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    Highways Maintenance Workers Discover Ingenious Lunch Hack By Cooking Food in Tarmac


    This road repair duo have mastered the art of cooking with tarmac by burying tasty treats within hot tarmac with amazing results.

    Daniel Foley, 24, and his partner, Kevin, have been posting videos to TikTok of their amazing breakfasts and lunches that have been cooked on the side of the road around Lincolnshire.

    With temperatures of the road-ready tarmac reaching 130°C, Daniel and Kevin found it to be an ideal situation to cook some mouth-watering meats and treats low and slow in time for lunch.

    Some of the successes include lamb and beef joints that were contained in a biscuit tin and wrapped with tin foil to create a mini oven for the meals which is then buried in the black tarmac.

    When they are pulled out after a few hours, more or less depending on the ingredients, the succulent meat falls away in pieces and makes for the perfect midday sandwich.

    Other dinner time ventures include fajitas, stuffed peppers, salmon, meatballs, and a full chicken cooked to perfection within the hot gravel.

    They even turned to their asphalt flamethrower to provide a roaring flame which fried a couple of eggs for their sausage sandwiches.

    Daniel said: "Each video consists of a raw ingredient, which is wrapped up before being buried in tarmac, first thing in the morning, on the back of our lorry.

    "By the time lunch comes, we dig out the food and hope for the best and usually all the food is fully cooked through.

    "This gives us a nice hot lunch to enjoy after a hard mornings work.

    "We put two and two together and thought - if the tarmac is hot enough, surely it has the ability to cook food.

    "As an experiment, we tried it with jacket potatoes and low and behold it worked!

    "Initially when we first realised it worked we found it hilarious - we didn’t expect it at all, and we felt smug sitting on our lunch break with a hot lunch."



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