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    Haunting Hello: Unknown Voice Heard Whilst Woman Wanders Around Graveyard Alone


    Christine Wright was exploring an old graveyard when she was suddenly spooked by an enquiring 'Hello?' only to turn around and find no evidence of anybody talking.

    At the St. Andrews church ruins which is on the Island of Portland in Dorset, Christine was exploring  what is locally known as the Pirate Graveyard, due to the skull and crossbones found on some of the tombs and graves.

    The footage captured in May 2022 shows large graves and headstones and some overgrown areas but nothing in the way of visitors surrounding the sarcophagus.

    But as Christine was talking to the camera, there is a distinct and obvious 'Hello?' spoken by another person, which made Christine jump but upon further investigation, there was no other person near Christine.

    Having been a paranormal researcher for approximately 30 years, Christine points to the energy in the location, specifically the spirit of a lady resting in one of the huge tombs.

    Christine said: "I truly believe the source of the voice came from the spirit of a lady, whose huge tomb I was standing next to, who died in the 1700s.

    "My reaction may have seemed matter of fact, but in all honesty we have heard much worse on investigations and a polite spirit saying hello is fairly normal to us, it's nothing to be scared of at all, a bit strange of course, but not scary.

    "I have had many comments on the video and I am totally shocked at the amount of views it had.

    "Most of the comments were positive and nice, and even some sceptics who don't believe in the paranormal were shocked at hearing it and its made them think that perhaps there is something in it after all and spirits are real."


    Date posted: 20/09/22 Credit: ARK Media
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