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    Hamming It Up! Food-Obsessed Hamster Goes Viral With Cooking Videos


    Move over Remy! This Syrian hamster has become a big wheel on social media by cooking tiny human-like meals with her owner.

    The adorable rodent - named Nala - helps owner Izzy Crane, 16, from Worcester, Worcestershire, ham-stir the ingredients to make her own food.

    So far, 'little chef' Nala has assisted student Izzy in making mini-versions of a pizza, a strawberry cake, a salad and even a veggie burger with chips made from carrots - making her the hamster version of Disney's Ratatouille.

    She has become somewhat of a 'ham-fluencer' racking up over seven million views on her cooking videos.

    Izzy said: "I started doing cooking with Nala in May last year, it's really fun and she's very cute.

    "I saw people online trying to cook with their dogs so I thought I'd try it out with my hamster.

    "I started off by giving her food and then placing the props in front of her and when she see the camera she knows to stay still most of the time.
    "I think she became popular on TikTok as you generally don’t see many hamsters on there being so calm and still.
    "She absolutely loves wearing hats and posing for the camera.
    "We generally get positive reactions to the videos, with people saying how cute she is and we get a lot of different requests for videos which is great."


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