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    Grandma Stops Grandchildren Fighting With Only a Look


    Father of three Sonny Williams was visiting his mother Sebrina with his children Taevion,9 and Alana,6 in Greensboro, North Carolina.

    According to the 42-year-old his son and daughter tend to 'play ruff' so that day, in May, wasn’t unusual.

    Sonny said: "Alana didn’t want my Taevion holding her so she got mad turned and swing at him.

    "My mom being the enforcer that she is doesn’t allow hitting and fighting from siblings, stepped in, telling both of them to sit down in time out and think about what they did."

    Sonny thought "it was hilarious that I actually caught my mom giving my kids an old school lesson about behavior."


    Date posted: 05/08/22 Credit: Sonnywilliams336 via ARK Media
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