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    Grandma Cries Tears Of Happiness At Steak House During 84th Birthday Shout Out


    Grandma Rosie has become an internet sensation following her heartwarming reaction to a birthday shout out at her favourite restaurant, Texas Road House.

    Raven Allender, 24, took her Grandma with other family members to the steak house in Terre Haute, Indiana, on 10 August for Rosie's 84th birthday.

    A few quiet words to the wait staff later, Rosie found she was being publicly celebrated and was met by whoops and claps.

    TikTokers commented that Raven must 'protect Grandma at all costs' due to her sweet reaction to the all the fuss made.

    Raven said: "Texas Road House is her favourite, she especially loves the ribs."




    Date posted: 13/09/22 Credit: @ravenallender via ARK Media
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