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    Good Samaritans Run To The Aid Of Aimless Moving Vehicle When Driver Suffers Medical Emergency


    When this motorist suffered a medical episode, they lost control of their car which uncontrollably wandered into the middle of a busy cross roads which provoked dozens of people to assist in stopping the vehicle.

    CCTV footage released by Boynton Beach Police Department in Florida shows the intersection of Woolbright Road and Congress Avenue when, on May 5th, the driver of a grey Mazda crawled into the middle of the junction.

    A quick-thinking woman jumped out of her car and tried to assist her co-worker but was unable to as the car was moving across the lanes of traffic lights, so she signalled for more people to help her.

    A flurry of drivers came to their aid and tried to stop the vehicle in its tracks whilst also not getting in the way of cars trying to move through the area.

    One woman reportedly grabbed a dumbbell from her car to break the rear-passenger-side window whilst another was able to climb through and unlock the vehicle which allowed them to park the vehicle in a nearby parking lot where the emergency services were called to the scene.

    In a statement released on their facebook page, Boynton Beach Police Department said: "They are heroes and we want to bring them back together at the police department to recognise them and meet the woman they rescued."


    Date posted: 12/05/22 Credit: Boynton Beach Police Department via ARK Media
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