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    Girl Suffers Sledding Fail As She Falls On Her Face


    A father captured the moment his daughter attempted to sled over a ramp and ended up face first in the snow. 

    36-year-old Dale Godleski, was in Mendham, New Jersey, when his daughter decided to test her sled out on a ramp. 

    Going head first down the hill, the sled went over the ramp but sent her head first into the snow, with her ending in a scorpion position mid fall. 

    Dale captured the hilarious moment on camera as his daughter ended up sprawled on the cold floor. 

    Dale said: “Daughter went sledding down a hill and hit a jump and turned into a scorpion whilst doing a complete flip.

    “We are a family all about outdoor activities and adventures and some things we catch funny things on tape!”


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    Date posted: 17/03/23 Credit: ARK Media
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