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    Girl is slapped by security guard at Wireless festival


    The shocking moment a girl is knocked out by a security guard was captured by a festival-goer at the London festival, Wireless. 

    The girl in the pink top, who looked to be in her early twenties, is slapped by the security guard after she attacked him before the rapper Meek Mill's set. She grabs his high-vis vest and attempts to wrestle him to the ground, before he slaps the right side of her face knocking her a few feet back. 

    Scotty, who filmed the video, said: 'The queue for the bar was mad. She tried going in through the exit to the bar, but they went in the wrong way.'

    The security guard tried to stop her from coming in through the exit which is when she started pulling at his vest.

    Wireless Festival have been approached for comment.


    Twitter: @Scottyyyxx

    Date posted: 13/09/21 Credit: ARK Media
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