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    Furever Friends – Dog Who Refused To Leave Injured Friends Side Flags Down Car To Save Them


    Heartbreaking footage shows a tiny dog trying to get the attention of passers by as he refuses to leave the side of his friend who got hit by a car.

    After seeing an appeal from concerned passersby on Facebook Samantha Zimmer made a 50 minute trip from Houston, TX to Daytona, TX to see if she could help the poor dogs.

    Samantha heads up ‘Street Life To The Sweet Life’ - an organisation dedicated to rescuing dogs in need and helping with fostering and adoption to give them another chance at life.

    Upon arrival they came across the timid dog who would come to be known as Corey who was standing on the roadside desperately trying to get attention from passersby.

    A short while a way in a ditch near the roadside was Matthew another dog who had been hit by a vehicle. Corey had not left his side since the incident

    The poor pooch was unable to move and was covered in road rash but also wagging his tail clearly happy to have been found.

    After gaining Corey’s trust with food and popping a leash on him the two then tended to Matthew.

    Samantha and her partner George Dix assessed Matthew’s condition, discovering a broken tooth and after a discussion decided to move Matthew to their vehicle and get him medical treatment back in Houston. 

    Despite crying in pain Matthew eventually settled down and both dogs were safe. They then drove back to Houston where they received medical care.

    The timely arrival of the pair of dog-lovers may well have saved Matthew’s life. 

    He is later seen leaving the ER in a full body cast and adorably reunites with Corey in the back of Samantha’s vehicle happily wagging his tail at the sight of the friend who stood by him when he needed it most.

    Samantha, 36 from Houston, Texas said: 

    “The dogs were posted on Facebook as a plea for help. They were found along the mail carrier's route but the mail lady was unable to get them to safety. 

    “We saw the plea for help and drove out to the area to start looking for them. 

    “We were confused on the address at first.  We kept looking for a small piece of blue trash we saw in the photo and then came upon Corey laying in the middle of the road. 

    “We knew once we found Corey that Matthew would be nearby.  We stopped the car and got out to assess the situation. 

    “Corey was apprehensive and weary at first, but we won him over with a can of sausages.  We secured Corey first and then went to recover Matthew from the ditch. 

    “When we found Corey we were relieved that he had waited with his friend. When we approached Matthew it was a huge relief when we saw him wag his tail.  We knew then that he was a fighter and we had a chance of saving him. 

    “His hair was patchy like he was outdoors and had fleas for a while.  His body was covered in several spots of road rash and we instantly just hurt for him.  He had been suffering from neglect long before he was actually hit by the car. 

    “The ditch was holding water so we had to slide him up further on the bank to get him out safely.

    “Once we got him up on the bank out of the water my fiancé got his arms underneath Matthew to lift him up.  Matthew yelped in pain but never once tried to bite.  That's how sweet this dog is. 

    “We brought him back to our car where we had a pallet of blankets waiting for him.  We knew when we left to go find them that we would want to have a soft spot to place Matthew who was hit by a car.  

    “Corey and Matthew were able to reunite the day we picked up Matthew from the emergency room.  

    “They rode together while we brought Matthew out to his medical foster home. They were certainly happy to see each other after we picked Matthew up from the emergency room. 

    “But they are also both thriving in their respective foster homes. These boys are so grateful to be surrounded by loving humans and friendly dog pals.  Matthew and Corey have a long road to recovery. 

    “They are being fostered in Houston, TX with a nonprofit rescue Lola's Lucky day.  We are in the works of approving an adopter in the state of Wisconsin that is excited to adopt them both. 

    “As a non profit organisation we share all of our rescue stories online to help bring awareness to the issues we are facing here in Texas with respect to homeless animals. 

    “We posted the video to help generate donations for the medical care of the pair and to ultimately find them great adoptive homes. 

    “The reaction of this video has been overall pretty positive.  There have been people wanting to help and donate from all over the world. 

    “We are so excited to be able to share our love for rescue animals with such a huge community. 

    “They have won the hearts of everyone who meets them with their appetite for joy and life.  We couldn't have picked a more deserving pair to rescue than Matthew and Corey!”



    Date posted: 03/04/22 Credit: @streetlifetothesweetlife Via Ark Media
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