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    Frog Got Into Oil And Left Path Of Destruction Behind


    When Olivia Caputo was changing the oil on her car, the leftover oil was left out in her garage but when she returned to dispose of it, she noticed a trail of oil all over the room from what can only be a frog.

    In her home in Queensland, Australia, Olivia found a noticeable path of black specks that littered her garage from the oil she had left in there for a few months.

    The footage that she then captured followed the trail around her garage, as Olivia was trying to decipher what could have gotten into the vat of oil.

    But then she noticed a very recognisable outline of a splayed frog that had fallen from the wall onto the floor.

    The frog had jumped into the oil and then proceeded to hop around, leaving a breadcrumb-like path but in the form of engine oil but unfortunately the frog was not found.

    Olivia then posted the video to TikTok where it has gathered over three million views.

    Olivia: "The frog had made a complete mess and splattered multiple times on the concrete floor leaving detailed silhouettes of splats.

    "I was in shock, it was funny but I had concern for the frog, where did the frog go?"


    Date posted: 17/02/23 Credit: ARK Media
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