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    Foxes and Badgers Have It Out On Backyard CCTV Camera


    It's not often you catch a glimpse of a fox or a badger, and it's even more unusual to capture them together.

    Tony Fox, 65, a retired filmmaker and editor, started filming wildlife in his Hastings garden about three years ago.

    Tony said: "I started with a trail camera and later switched to two permanent CCTV cameras.

    A number of foxes visit the garden every night, and badgers visit less frequently. The badgers are clearly boss and mostly the foxes are cautious around them. In the video a couple of foxes are a bit braver and challenge the badger. The badgers tend to ignore them, but will turn their back defensively if pushed."

    Tony has set up a YouTube page called "Mr Fox's Foxes" where you can view regular content like this.

    This video was captured on January 13, 2022 in Hastings, England.



    Date posted: 14/01/22 Credit: ARK Media
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