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    Forget Spotify Wrapped! This Woman Has Pulled Together All Of Her Dating Stats From 2022


    2022 has been a big dating year for Amber Smith who has compiled all the important stats into one tidy powerpoint showcasing her 'Dating Wrapped'.

    Amber has been using dating apps and has been going out around West Des Moines, Iowa, throughout the year and gotten some interesting facts from her outings.

    Of the 18 first dates Amber embarked on, it was split into eight on Hinge, eight through facebook with singular encounters sparking from 'The Wild' and a very regrettable date from Facebook Dating.

    Other factors were listed like what activities were enjoyed, who ended the relationship, and how many people Amber cried over during the year (totalling at two), and finally how much money was spent which came in at $368.36.

    Amber said: "I thought it would be a funny video to look at the data from dates I’ve been on.

    "Some people thought it was very funny, and other people (mostly men) didn’t understand the humour and left rude comments."


    Date posted: 06/12/22 Credit: ARK Media
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