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    First-Time Mum Shocks Family With Unique Birth Announcement


    After months of negative pregnancy tests, this couple managed to surprise their families with the best news.

    Holly Starling, 25 and her boyfriend Joe Meakin, filmed themselves FaceTiming their family and friends to get everyone's reaction to their perfect little boy Hugo, on January 1st in Cannock, Staffordshire.

    After struggling to get pregnant, due to Holly not being able to ovulate and her PCOS diagnosis, this couple decided to keep their baby's gender and due date a secret and filmed themselves surprising their family on the day of birth.

    Holly not only surprised her mum, dad and little sister but also surprised other family members like mother in law Sally, Holly's step mum and her friend Kayla.

    As seen in the video, they were all so shocked at the surprise before being over the moon and celebrating.

    Holly said: "I struggled to get pregnant so all of the reactions are true emotions of welcoming the first grandchild!

    "My family were very shocked and happy, as you can see in the video.

    "I feel so emotional looking at the reactions, you can see just how much they love the baby and it’s the first grandchild so it just feels special."


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