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    Final Destination-Like Video Shows Truck Drop Water Tank Cargo Right In Front Of Following Car


    This heavy load truck carrying several water tanks lost it's cargo whilst travelling on a winding country lane, nearly causing a fatal collision.

    The close call was captured by Ian Haynes in Folkingham, Lincolnshire, on March 9th, as he was following the precariously loaded lorry.

    During the cold and snowy conditions that suddenly hit the UK, making the road grip poor, could have prompted the huge water tank cargo to come loose from it's straps.

    But as the vehicle winded through the country lane, it brushed past bushes which further dislodged the water tank from the holding.

    A final push from the overhanging bushes made the tank come loose and fall off the truck and wildly crash onto the road, nearly causing an estate car to collide directly with it.

    The lorry operator was not aware and continued on it's route whilst the motorists halted on the road.

    Ian said: "The lorry driver was beeped and flashed and even waved by pedestrians because his load was clearly unsafe.

    "It was snowing and conditions were bad so we believed we did all we could and started to film until his load fell off."



    Date posted: 10/03/23 Credit: ARK Media
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