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    Feline The Love: Woman Circumvents Landlords ‘No Pets’ Rule By Marrying Her Cat


    Deborah Hodge, 49, filmed a day in the life of a cat mom including the bizarrely hilarious proposal and marriage ceremony to her three-legged cat, India.

    Deborah from Sidcup in South East London, married her pet cat to stop future landlords from separating them claiming she has previously been forced to rehome three animals by landlords who did not allow pets in their properties.

    Now facing eviction and terrified of losing five-year-old India, Deborah held a civil ceremony to tie the knot in the hopes her commitment will show future landlords just how important it is for her that they stay together.

    The Comedian and single mother of two who is now standing for election in the hopes of becoming Prime Minister said: “My three-legged cat India got hit by a car at the beginning of coronavirus.” 

    “She always comes back - even with a broken leg.  I am deeply in love with her as she is with me.

    “I like to sing and play games with her.  I have had really good feedback from my friends and found new friends online. She has made me go viral.

    “I love her and we got married because we can never be parted.

    “I love helping people and with the money from my tribunal India and i will set up a charity. I am standing for Prime Minister.

    “I help the homeless, fight for world peace, equality and for the planet. I have autism and it's my superpower.

    “India has 3 legs and is no less of a cat because of it, she is my superhero and I love her.”


    Date posted: 13/05/22 Credit: Deborah Hodge Via Ark Media
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