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    Fantas-ket Ball – Incredible Basketball trickshots


    Incredible footage shows a fantastic compilation of unbelievable basketball trickshots.

    The footage captured by basketball coach Billy Bodle in his hometown of Detroit Michigan shows amazing feats of precision and skill including scoring a basket from a sleep posistion, creating a domino effect so a second ball resting on the rim falls through a smaller hoop and even scoring a basket with a baseball bat while riding past of a lawnmower.

    Bodle, 32 began teaching himself basketball trickshots during the 2020 lockdown and has gone from strength to strength.

    He is using his platform to help his mother in law who suffers from an autoimmune disease called Scleroderma.

    Trickshots for Scleroderma hopes to raise money and awareness for this debilitating yet rare disease.

    Bodle said: "I make the trickshot videos to inspire people to never give up and believe in themselves.

    "I mostly get positive reactions from people and am very happy I can inspire people to try their own trickshots and to entertain people through my trickshots."



    Date posted: 25/04/22 Credit: @bodlefty Via Ark Media
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