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    Excited Rhino Calf Zoomies Around Calm Mum


    An excited rhino calf was caught doing zoomies around its calm mother.

    Home executive Bev Field, 50, from Durban, was on safari on April 6 in Mjejane Private Game Reserve when she spotted a rhino with its calf at the roadside.

    As Bev and other tourists were sat in their jeep, the excited baby rhino decided to let out its energy and started galloping up and down the road.

    Sprinting past its unfazed mum,  the baby rhino ran back and forth multiple times before it eventually tired out and stuck to mums side.

    Bev said: "We were in hysterics as it just kept going. The funniest thing was that you could hear him coming back before you could actually see him.

    "It's very unusual for a rhino to be so relaxed especially with such a young baby but she seemed happy to just let the calf gallop up and down the road.

    "It's the cutest thing we’ve seen in many years whilst touring the park and everyone has loved seeing the adorable video since."



    Date posted: 13/05/22 Credit: ARK Media
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