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    Enjoyable Embryo Extraction Of A Tortoise



    This zoologist has shared the process of separating a shell from the embryo inside of an egg with satisfying results.

    Brit, Alessia Lavigne, 24, posts her challenging projects on TikTok to great reception, receiving millions of views.

    Alessia's work is vital to varying species of tortoise and turtles, this procedure intends to look at the causes of hatching failures of red-footed tortoise.

    Her steady hand was able to peel back the hard shell to reveal the gooey sack of the embryo concealed in the egg until the shell was completely removed.

    She was then able to locate and extract the minuscule embryo within the yoke of the egg.

    Alessia said: "I was very nervous but focused to execute a challenging embryo extraction that should remain as intact as possible.

    "This video is from a very important research in studying hatching failure in threatened species of turtles and tortoises around the world.

    "Eggs from zoos and wildlife conservation groups are sent to try and understand why they failed in hopes we can find solutions and improve current conservation actions using science."


    Date posted: 15/01/23 Credit: ARK Media
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