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    England Fan Wins £2500 After Winning Bet On First World Cup Game Against Iran 


    An ecstatic England fan won £2500 after placing a winning bet on the country’s first world cup game against Iran, predicting the score would be 6-2. 

    Ryan Beaver was at the pub with his friends when they realised that one of them, Connor, was a step closer to winning a huge jackpot. 

    The lucky fan predicted the game to finish 6-2 in England's favour and when stoppage time came along, it looked to be out of the window. 

    Ryan captured the moment Connor and his friends watched on with eager anticipation as Iran took their penalty at 13 minutes extra time. 

    When the goal went in, the group began cheering and celebrating together, knocking each other to the floor and raising Connor in the air. 


    Date posted: 22/11/22 Credit: ARK Media
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