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    Emirates Flight Attendant Gives Insight Into Life On The Job


    An Emirates flight attendant gives a glimpse into the life of a crew member.

    Working in an international cabin crew, Tessa Johnston, 26, can be an attendant for up to 600 passengers at a time and travels between two to three countries every week.

    Explaining how they wear their uniform and the training they go through, Tessa gives her followers a glimpse into her life as a fight attendant.

    Tessa said: "I never have the same schedule so I can be sent to any country and city at any time of day.

    "There is an eight weeks intense training program and once completed, shifts can range between four and 24 hours.

    "The acceptance rate to get into emirates is actually less than the number that gets accepted to Harvard."


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    Date posted: 28/06/22 Credit: Tessa Johnston via ARK Media
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