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    Duo Spot Smoking Building Thinking There Was A Disastrous Fire But Realised It Was A Busy Crematorium


    Black smoke billowed into the sky at an alarming rate, to the point that TJ Hall and his buddy wanted to investigate the source in case the emergency services needed to be called.

    Thinking that there might have been a home burning to the ground, they began to approach the building only to find the smoke exiting through a huge chimney and suddenly realising that they were outside a cremation society in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    The pieces were added together and the pair realised that the origin of the alarming amount of smoke was caused by the cremation of dead bodies and they instantly turned around and left.

    The video was posted to TikTok where it has gathered over 17 million views.

    Date posted: 16/03/23 Credit: ARK Media
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