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    Drunk Boyfriend Hides From Girlfriend’s Family Home Camera


    A drunk couple from Cheshire thought it would be funny for boyfriend Sam to complete a covert mission when they returned from the pub: don't let Lois' parents see him come in on the home camera.

    Lois Knop, a 21-year-old legal assistant, had been out for bank holiday drinks with her boyfriend of nearly two years, Sam, 23, who is in the parachute regiment of the British Army.

    The party-going couple had drank a few too many with some friends on the Saturday evening of April bank holiday weekend, 16 April, before stumbling back to her parent's house.

    The sleepy Cheshire suburbs didn't know what hit them when the couple of pranksters tried their best to come in quietly.

    She had cautiously hidden her house key under the door mat ready for when they returned, but the key chain also held her Audi car keys.

    She exclaimed: 'Someone could of robbed my Audi', before fumbling to fit the key in the front door's lock.

    Lois said: "Sam gets on really well with my parents but thought it would be funny to try and sneak past the cameras when we came back."

    Thankfully her parents found it hilarious and said they were laughing when they got round to sending her the footage.



    Date posted: 11/05/22 Credit: @lolkknop via ARK Media
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