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    ‘Drunk And Disorderly’ Karen Crashes Into Car And Blames Neighbours



    This disgruntled woman who had allegedly been drinking, collided with her neighbours car and then proceeded to point the finger at the self-proclaimed innocent bystanders.

    Amaan Mahmood claimed that her middle-aged 'Karen' neighbour had been drinking alcohol, before she then bumped into the side of her neighbours Ford Mustang on February 27th, outside their home in Orange County, California.

    The back and forth involved the argumentative woman stagger and stumble as she began to explain why she was not at fault but it was in-fact, the owners of the mustang.

    She also went on to accuse Amaan's friend of stripping the vehicle of a catalytic convertor, which was not the case according Amaan.

    Amaan said: "This Karen down the street was drinking as usual and backed into a Mustang.

    "My camera caught her hitting it too but she keeps trying say we sideswiped the Mustang and stole her catalytic converter because we always working on cars.

    "She keeps coming over daily causing problems like this she just can't admit to her own fault."

    Date posted: 08/03/23 Credit: ARK Media
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