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    Dream Team – Footage Shows Incredible Athletes High-lining Between Hot Air Balloons


    This jaw-dropping video shows the moment that a seemingly impossible feat of athleticism, that was years in the making, finally comes to fruition.

    Miguel Salazar, 27, had this project come to him in a dream and in March 2021 he finally got the chance to re-create it at Tequesquitengo, Mexico.

    After years of planning every finite detail and a seemingly endless amount of setbacks, that ranged from being unable to find a sponsor to poor weather conditions cancelling the whole thing; the day of the stunt finally arrived.

    Miguel took to the skies above Mexico with his dream-team of highliners Rosendo Casarrubias, Alejandro Roaro and Andrea Dattoli, skydivers Patricio Fernández and Paolo Massimi and pilots César and Javier.

    The stunt was captured by a film crew consisting of brothers Gerardo and Rodrigo Flores.

    Spectacular footage captured by drone pilot Rodrigo shows the athletes 4,000 feet above the ground, passing back and forth on a 15m long highline suspended between the two hot air balloons.

    Eventually, Miguel is pictured hanging from the line upside down before parachuting to the ground below while Paolo and Patricio are seen jumping from the balloons to meet Miguel on the ground.

    Miguel Salazar who heads up ‘Lucid Dreams Media’, the organisers of this incredible project said:  “A couple of years back, this vision came to me during the night.

    “The first realisation was that this dream was way too big for me to handle alone. Luckily, I knew I was surrounded by the right people.

    "We visited a hot air balloon factory where we met with our pilots: César and Javier. They ran through all of their safety concerns and showed us the anatomy of a hot air balloon. We also fired two balloons up and ran some anchored tests to try and walk the span between them.

    “On the day, we got up at 3:00 AM and everything started to fall into place as if we had all the luck we needed by our side.

    “Alex struggled to control the line but he gave it his all, never once resting and only managed to get a few steps in. By the time his turn was up, we were over 3,000 ft high.

    “After Alex got off the highline, Andrea immediately clipped in. She definitely is one of the best in the world and still struggled, but she eventually rose to the occasion.

    “Rodrigo was also up there with us. Had he not been there, this project would be nothing but a good memory. He skill-fully piloted the drone and captured the most insane shots I have ever seen.

    “When it was my time, although I was shaking when I saw my friends, I now felt completely in control. I managed to barely stand up and take a step but it was more than enough for me. When my time was up, I decided I didn’t want to just fall without control.

    "This was a real larger-than-life-experience, and I wanted to take it all in. The warmest, most euphoric feeling came over me. I felt like I was going to explode, I couldn’t contain myself.

    “I can’t speak for everyone, but I know it was the best day of my life.

    “This project showed us that our reality can be reshaped. As long as we align will and action with our ideas, we have the opportunity to challenge what it means to be human. We can have free authorship over our stories, and transform our individual experiences into works of art: wake-walking Lucid Dreams."



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    Date posted: 12/04/22 Credit: Lucid Dreams Media Via ARK Media
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