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    Dog With Neurological ‘Wobbly’ Condition Given Freedom Thanks To Modified Wheelchair


    Hannah suffers from a neurological condition that means that she cannot walk without falling over but thanks to a modified wheelchair, she can walk with freedom she has never experienced before.

    Cassidy Drueppel has been able to help Hannah from their home in Lincoln, Nebraska, as the quad-wheeled device gives her the stability without hindering her movement.

    In this clip, Hannah stomps around the local park whilst strapped into the walking aid with a look of glee on her face.

    Cassidy said: "I was thoroughly impressed she lifted her paws and enjoyed going down the hill like a roller coaster.

    "I was laughing at how nonchalant she was about it and just continued walking afterward. I actually had to run to keep up with her on the way down."


    Date posted: 27/10/22 Credit: ARK Media
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