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    ‘Disgusted’ 12-Year-Vegetarian Given Pepperoni Pizza Instead of Plant-Based Alternative


    A Domino's restaurant in Belfast mistakenly served real pepperoni to Nicole Cowell, 31, a vegetarian woman who had ordered a plant-based pizza.

    On 5 January, Miss Cowell, a marketing executive, ordered two pizzas from her local Domino's in Belfast - one pepperoni pizza for her meat-eater boyfriend, and the popular 'fake' pepperoni version for herself, a vegetarian.

    She ate half of her pizza but noted that her supposedly veggie pepperoni tasted suspiciously 'meaty'.

    Despite being hungry, the pizza left too strange a taste in her mouth after over a decade of eating food 'free from pig-meat and pepperoni' for her to carry on with the meal.

    The next morning, Miss Cowell was convinced that it was real meat she had eaten the previous night as 'it looked and smelt the same
    as my partners who had real pepperoni.'

    Disappointed in her experience so far, she called the shop she had ordered from and they came to collect the remaining half of the 'veggie' pizza.

    Upon inspection from the manager, she received a call from the takeaway confirming her fears. The manager was apologetic and offered her store credit, which she says she will not be using, and has been left feeling 'violated'.

    She said: "I haven’t eaten pepperoni or any type of meat or pork for over 12 years and felt disgusted that such a mistake
    could easily be made, especially due to people having allergies."


    Date posted: 16/02/22 Credit: nicole.michelle.c via Ark Media
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