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    Disappointed Father Informed That His Wife Is Pregnant With Fourth Child By Three Other Children


    Gajal Kumar decided to involve her three young children in the announcement to her husband that she was pregnant again with their fourth child and his face is on the side of disappointment.

    The family-of-five from Tulsa, Oklahoma, are set to become a family-of-six when Gajal confirmed through multiple tests but it was the children who revealed the news to their dad.

    The kids had the pregnancy tests ready to unveil whilst their father was chilling on a sun lounger with his eyes closed so when they gathered around him and he opened his eyes, the news was instantly apparent.

    He put his hands on his head in a reaction of frustration and disappointment as a newborn was clearly not in the couple's immediate plans but it quickly turned into a positive reaction.


    Date posted: 24/11/22 Credit: ARK Media
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